UI/UX Designer (Web and Mobile)



We're looking for a user-focused user interface designer who isn't afraid of tackling a diverse set of challenges. You'll be working with our development team to improve the visual clarity, consistency and aesthetics of all of our products: Dotabuff, Overbuff, and TrackDota. Additionally, you'd be taking lead on the visual design of future projects.

As our first design hire you should come prepared with a lot of creative energy and a desire to work across many disciplines: branding/identity, iconography, heirarchy of information, data visualization, and anything that else comes up. We're primarily focused on the web, but will have other design challenges including mobile, brand identity, and the occasional print job.

This is a full-time, remote, paid position on a small team. You should be friendly and thoughtful, capable of being productive without company-mandated work hours, and excel at communicating with teammates.

We slightly prefer candidates in American time zones.


Essential Skills:

- 1+ Years of professional design experience in Web or Mobile, including proficiency with HTML and CSS

- Strong communicator who can explain both the design implementation details and the reason for decisions

- Excellent design fundamentals; the basics of design should be second nature

- Demonstratable problem solving ability with an interest in complex game and data centric issues

- Passion for user-centric design, and familiarity with UX methodologies

- Detail oriented in your thinking, communication and execution

- Experience with design prototyping, including producing high-level visual strategy documents, concept art, and detailed wire frames

- Proficient in and productive with modern web and mobile oriented design tools

- Interest in designing elegant solutions to complex information hierarchy and data visualization problems

- Listen to product goals and business needs and ensure they are reflected in your designs

- Identify design precedents and patterns currently used and improve them or ensure they are used in future releases

- Collaborative in working with other team members to solve problems and ship great products

Bonus Points for:

- Passion for games, especially Dota 2 or Overwatch

- High skill in Dota 2, Overwatch, or other multiplayer games with the ability to communicate complex ideas about games

- Knowledge of game design fundamentals or experience with gameification

- Strong data visualization experience

- Experience working with a startup

- Experience working with a remote team

- Experience with programming languages like Javascript or Ruby

- Experience with UX research or user testing


We're a small team of talented people who want to create great products. We believe in the happiness of everyone contributing to the project, which means flexible hours and vacation time and giving you the freedom to do your best work. You'll have the chance to solve difficult problems with skilled colleagues and work from wherever you feel most comfortable. You'll have the ability to deploy major new features on websites that reach millions of users. We enjoy it here and so will you!

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